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    • Welcome To Local 45


      Welcome to Local 45's website, we are one of nine Local's that make up the NYC District Council of Carpenters.  Local 45 has always been for the members first.  We realize without a strong membership base we would not have the respect and accomplishments that we have had over the years. I truly believe our Apprentices are the best within the city.  Local 45 started the first apprentice mentoring program and we understand that our apprentices are the ones who will carry this organization into the future.

      I would like to say thank you to all of our members who volunteer their time and efforts to make this local the best in the New York City.  Let us be leaders in the NYCDCC and regain our market share and secure work for our members for the future.

      In Solidarity,

      Michael Rodin

      President Local 45

      Representing Local 45 at the NABTU 2018

      Letter from EST Geiger about District Council Office Staff Working Remotely and COVID-19 Measures

      Posted OnMar 17, 2020 @ 9:37 AM byJill Watson

      Brothers and Sisters,

      During this time of extreme caution and uncertainty, The New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters is taking every step necessary to act in the best interest of our membership and keep them and their families, staff, and the general public safe, while sharing updates as they progress.

      As a life-long resident of the tri-state region, I have never experienced anything quite like this. Furthermore, our country and the world has never seen anything like this. We’re all working at a quick clip to ensure stability in times of upheaval. It is daunting, yet, we are Union Strong, and we will prevail.

      Since the escalation of the virus, we initiated a contingency plan, which is currently in effect. While we do not have answers for every question or concern at this point, we will work our best to respond and alleviate concerns during this stressful time.

      As of today, here are some important updates we would like to share with you:

      Job Sites

      • Currently, there have been relatively few job site closures throughout New York City, but we anticipate that as the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and local health authorities, as well as our elected officials, instate additional precautions to contain and prevent the rapid spread COVID-19, more projects may be shut be down.
      • We are working with contractors to maintain continued work at our job sites. ** Should it be needed, please be advised that New York State is waiving the 7-Day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people who are out of work due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures or quarantine. **

      Union Operations

      • The District Council offices at 395 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014, is suspending normal office operations effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020 for the duration of 10 business days (until Wednesday, April 1, 2020). However, while our physical office is closed, please be assured that we will continue to service the membership through remote operations and functions. Following the 2-week time period, the District Council will evaluate the situation to see how to most effectively and efficiently move forward, while adhering to public health mandates.
      • The Out of Work List (212-366-3330) will be operating remotely between the hours of 8am – 4 pm. Please be mindful that we will be operating under extraordinary conditions and depending on call volume, wait times may be longer than normal.
      • The District Council phone line (212-366 -7500) will remain open during regular business hours for members, however please contact your Business Agent with specific questions.
      • The District Council created a COVID-19 information page for updates. Please click the COVID-19 UPDATES link at the top of the website. 
      • Currently, only Locals 45, 157, and 2287 have cancelled their upcoming meetings. Please contact your Business Agent, your Local, or check the District Council website for updates about other meetings.

      The Benefit Funds

      • The New York City District Council Benefit Funds office will be suspending normal operations at 395 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014, effective March 18, 2020 for two weeks. However, while the physical office is closed, please be assured that the Funds will continue to service the membership through remote operations and functions. For more information from the Benefit Funds about the closure, please contact the Benefit Funds.
      • The Welfare Fund is waiving co-payments for COVID-19 testing for current members and their families, as well as retirees. 

      Civil Service Carpenters

      • All Civil Service Carpenters are deemed essential employees and should report to work. Please follow your respective city agency for updated guidance regarding COVID-19.
      • The General Civil Service Meeting for all Civil Service Carpenters, Dockbuilders, Ship Carpenters, and Riggers scheduled.


      • The International Training Center cancelled all programs, training, and conferences scheduled at the International Training Center for the next 30-days.
      • New York City District Council of Carpenters Training Center (CTC) postponed all class schedules for 2-weeks, effective March 16, 2020. Members may take classes online with recognized accredited organizations during the time of school closure and will be reimbursed by the Carpenters Training Center with original receipts of course completion reflecting the dates between March 16 – 29, 2020. Only courses on the CTC website will be reimbursed. Please refer to the CTC website here.
      • The CTC has postponed the 51st Annual Graduating Apprentice Exhibits and Open-House scheduled for April 7, 2020.

      Looking Forward

      • The events of the past few weeks have been unprecedented. It is important that everyone continues to act with compassion toward one another and work together to help each other through times of need. The NYC District Council is here to continue to support and serve the membership in the best way possible. Together, we have weathered greater storms. We rebuilt this city after 9/11 and I am confident we will rebuild again.
      • We also want to encourage any members who are experiencing symptoms or are exposed, to please consider the health and safety of your fellow brothers and sisters and those who are more at risk and stay home from work. As carpenters, we tend to pride ourselves on working through everything – rain, snow, illness – but this is not the time to do so. Take precaution, stay healthy, and stay safe. Your families and your union need you.
      • For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to keep yourself and your family safe from infection, you can get the latest from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)



      Joseph A. Geiger
      Executive Secretary-Treasurer

      Dear Brothers and Sisters

      Due to our current situation WE have REOPENED our office at 214-38 Hillside Avenue, Queens Village on June 1, 2020 with the following changes:

      TEMPORARY OFFICE HOURS 7:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M.

      LUNCH 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. 


      MASKS are A MUST to Enter the Office 

      We want to keep you safe as well as our employees please adhere to these new mandatory rules.  Please stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.


      Michael Rodin

      President Local 45

      Letter from EST Joseph Geiger from NYCDC Website:

      Second Quarter Dues Wavied

      Posted On by

      Brothers and Sisters,

      The last month has been difficult for everyone, including our union family. We see so many of your making sacrifices both at home and at work to protect the health and safety of your families and the communities in which we live, and we understand the strain that may cause. That is why the District Council continues to provide our members with financial relief, including the early disbursal of vacation checks and the modification of the annuity plan, which provides members access to funds without penalties.

      Today, we have even more good news. To further assist our members who have been laid-off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYC District Council Carpenters and the Board of Directors of the Carpenter Contractor Alliance of Metropolitan New York passed a relief measure that absorbs second quarter dues for ALL active members in good standing as of April 1, 2020. Those members who have already paid their dues in advance will also receive a credit for three (3) months of union dues.

      This is no small feat given the size of our membership. This is a significant expenditure, but our members are always our number one priority and we want to put forth every effort to make sure no member is at-risk for suspension and loss of benefits because of the hardship caused by this pandemic. This resolution also ensures that our signatory contractors will have the best and highest-skilled workforce available once work is back to full capacity. My sincere thanks to my fellow Committee members for their commitment to our hardworking membership.

      We hope that this additional support helps you to rest a little easier, focus on family a little bit more, and have even greater faith. Once again – Thank you for everything you do. Your union stands with you. We wish you a good Passover and a happy Easter. May you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

      In Solidarity,

      Joseph Geiger

      Executive Secretary-Treasurer



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      5.  Fill out the form and Submit. The form will be forwarded to both the         Council and Benefit funds to update.

      If you continue to have trouble logging in or registering for an account, please call the communications department at 212-366-3352, or send an email to communications@nycdistrictcouncil.org.

      For any questions regarding change of address, please call 212.366.7336

      UPDATE 10/5/20

      Due to COVID-19, and the safety of our membership, Union Activity is cancelled for the rest of the year. NO MEMBER WILL BE BILLED FOR 2020 UNION ACTIVITY. Updates on the District Council website will be posted upon additional information being available.

      PICKET DUTY 2020


      Continue to Periodically check on the nycdistrictcouncil.com Website for updates.

      If you do NOT do Picket Duty it is a $500 Fine.


      We hope you are all safe and healthy as we continue in the state we currently are in with COVID19.  Local 45 will NOT have Apprentice Meetings for this year 2020.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 5:00pm at the American Legion Post, 51 Valley Stream, NY.  We will follow state guidelines please wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.  Due to the current circumstates life as we know it is unsure please continue to stay safe follow guidelines.  See you soon.


      Mike Rodin, President Local 45 

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